Sunday, November 13, 2011

a brand new one??

I had fun last night. in fact, we both had fun. she was a good friend. she was willing to accompany me during my hard times. to make it even better, the movie that we watched was also good. for me she was special because she was a girl who have free will. a girl with a high degree of indepedence. a girl who was not easy to approach, but once u know her, she was a pleasing character. she was also never think much of spending her money for a friend, and a family girl (that means a girl that loves and appreciate her family)

knowing all this, it reminds me that she is totally different than HER. its true that i have not known many girls personally over these years due to my loyalty towards HER (by the way, being loyal is suck and only a stupid would do it.that is what i learn from my failed relationship). but i can judge based on what i have experience. she is a complete opposite of HER. true, that many people prefer to think sceptically towards her. but for me, as long as u dont know the person well, u have no right to speak about her flaws and weaknessess. after all, we are just human, a creature full of flaws and mistakes.

as for me, i personally like her and i like to be beside her. step by step i start learning about her. she doesnt spend a lot on fashion but on food (that's weird for a girl..haha), she loves animals and pets. she likes spicy food, but not excessively. she loves watching movies in the cinema obsessively =P. i am hopimg that i can give her the disposable camera that she shown me yesterday for her birthday present. i am certain that will be a shock to her. but i am also concern about our status.we are good friends. good friends dont fall to each other. that is the strict rule. i am also aware that she is not mine to hold.and i am way~ way~ out of her league. so, as things stand, i would like us to stay this way. not that i dont want to love her, just that i dont want to lose a good friend like her. who always by my side when i need her.

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