Sunday, November 13, 2011

a brand new one??

I had fun last night. in fact, we both had fun. she was a good friend. she was willing to accompany me during my hard times. to make it even better, the movie that we watched was also good. for me she was special because she was a girl who have free will. a girl with a high degree of indepedence. a girl who was not easy to approach, but once u know her, she was a pleasing character. she was also never think much of spending her money for a friend, and a family girl (that means a girl that loves and appreciate her family)

knowing all this, it reminds me that she is totally different than HER. its true that i have not known many girls personally over these years due to my loyalty towards HER (by the way, being loyal is suck and only a stupid would do it.that is what i learn from my failed relationship). but i can judge based on what i have experience. she is a complete opposite of HER. true, that many people prefer to think sceptically towards her. but for me, as long as u dont know the person well, u have no right to speak about her flaws and weaknessess. after all, we are just human, a creature full of flaws and mistakes.

as for me, i personally like her and i like to be beside her. step by step i start learning about her. she doesnt spend a lot on fashion but on food (that's weird for a girl..haha), she loves animals and pets. she likes spicy food, but not excessively. she loves watching movies in the cinema obsessively =P. i am hopimg that i can give her the disposable camera that she shown me yesterday for her birthday present. i am certain that will be a shock to her. but i am also concern about our status.we are good friends. good friends dont fall to each other. that is the strict rule. i am also aware that she is not mine to hold.and i am way~ way~ out of her league. so, as things stand, i would like us to stay this way. not that i dont want to love her, just that i dont want to lose a good friend like her. who always by my side when i need her.

sad,sad love story

              i believe in romance. i believe in one true love. i believe in soulmates. sometimes we make mistakes. we all do. but nothing is beyond repair. i met my soulmate when i was just 18. it was my first love. such a young and immature age to fall in love. i overcome any obstacles that came through and proceed because the feeling was just so good and only a moron would deny the chance to fall in love. it was after that, that i though i just wanted to love 1 person in my life. forever and always the same person. i have love her since the first time i hold her had and told her my feelings. i have love her immensely and hold on to this relationship for the past 4 years. i have love her even when i hate her. i dont know what happen to her now. but as far as i know, when someone loves u more than his own life, u should never wasted it.

this was the message that i sent to HER last night. i know i shouldnt be sending HER anything. nonetheless, i was still hoping that SHE would reply with feelings. it still hard to notice the the one u love have changed tremendously. how could someone that loves u so much can forget u in just a blink of an eye??..i dont know. seriously, i dont have any clue. the matter of heart is in Allah's will and power. anyway, there had been not even a single letter reply from HER. so, u can say that all my effort and heart pouring words were left in vain..THE SAD SAD LOVE STORY 0F MINE

Sunday, January 16, 2011

F0r Eri 0nly!!

hi there..
this post is specially replied to my beloved girlfriend due to what i had promised her last night..the reality is, i really am not in the mood of blogging at the moment due to abundance of work at my disposal including my fyp proposal and the always irritating plant design 2..

here is my draft or plan to capture her heart again

  • i will force myself for a cardiovascular exercise every weekdays
  • i will reduce the rice intake in my weekly food consumption
  • i will do at least 30 times sit ups n 30 dumbbell-lifting everyday before sleep
  • i will have milk more often to fill my stomach when im hungry especially at night
  • i will find myself some time to play badminton or futsal at least once a week
  • i will try to replace dinner with light meal (optional) 

due to a variety of delicious and tasty food available in our culture, i find it hard to avoid them..nonetheless, no success without sacrifice and i think i must try because discipline is the most important thing in achieving  a goal or target

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pr0t0N LEkiR

hi there
im back again..and surprisingly, so soon after my last post..i dont know why but i can only think of one hypothesis:

       the increasing rate of boredom/loneliness has increased my blogging rate

accompanied by a bowl of duck flavored instant noodle and a bottle of mineral water as my breakfast..and here i am!..blogging but almost about nothing..eventually i have watched tonnes of newly downloaded movies and i think almost all of them is good..but of course that is a subjective method of analysis without any rating or numbering evaluation..what i meant by good movie is from the cameratography, plot/the storyline, the script and last but not least, the actor/the for that reason i must say with the aid of advanced technology, most of the film makers nowadays really know how to please the cinema, i put on a couple of movies that is entertaining in my opinion..maybe next time i will elaborate more on this subject
                          step up 3d: nice cameratography, amazing dance movement

                        true story about facebook creator..inspiring..though not with his attitude

oh yes!! before i sure half of the Malaysian are already know about proton's new model because Malaysians are so well updated about things like this right? particular, one new model that have my attention is Proton Lekir that is so well built that it looks very eye catching..actually this model was a repatented of a lotus europa wonder it looks so nice and everyone who sees this model for the first time will instantly fall for it..well, for me, having an experienced using a proton car,i'd say it may look nice and catchy, but it may cost a lot in maintainance and some problems later on, but just wait until i get my hands on this sure it will not be too long after this

before i say goodbye, i'll leave u with a big picture of this proton lekir from every angle..enjoy and Bye-Bye..



i have an announcement to make. today is officially the most boring day in my life.stranded here alone with only a laptop as a friend is really making me sick..i would be better if i have a friend or a, would be perfect to have a friend or a partner at this moment of time or even anytime..that is why i prefer a young marriage and an having my own family at the early stage of my life..that way, i willl always have my kids and my wife to be beside me..

of course, there is pros and cons to the situation..the thing is, i like the freedom of living by your own..this way you are free to pick your own meal, free to go anywhere, and free to do whatever you wanted as long as the fund is sufficient..maybe it is because that is the way i have grown..always on my own,always learn how to survive, always like the idea of being independent..even from my very tender age of 13..needless to say, but i guess the loneliness have darken the brighter side of the idea. right now at the moment, the thing that i want the most is a friend regardless of the distance..having s0meone to accompany me even only by simple messaging is enough to erase the feeling..

i have made an oath to remain silent until i recover from my pain..what makes me hurt deep inside my heart is the reason for me to remain alone at the moment..i dont think i will have the ability to talk too much again and that will make my blog or journal to be my voice and thought..i dont think being alone and remain silent will be the remedy, moreover it will only change who i am..but its just like the grass on your courtyard..the longer you  ignore it, the longer and bigger it will grow..but someday when someone look at the growth pattern of the grass, it has become a valuable decorations and they will acknowledge that actually to ignore it was a decent act.

this is my story..i dont mean to share it to the world, but its ok just to read..nytey nite

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mY aFFectI0n

     Everyonen have an affection towards something..whether it is something beautiful, something worth to keep or collect, something that can satisfy their needs or even something to be shown off..Some people prefer to spend their wealth on catchy and beautiful things such as cars, motorcycles, dolls or even a bizarre one would like to keep an exotic pet or dangerous stuff (knife,bombs,etc) while some have an affiliations towards specific stuff such as gundam toys and hello kitty..0thers who did not possess this kind of affiliation will find this type of people as weird or freak but i say this is what makes you like-no-other. In fact, i remember when McD0nald's start giving out free hello kitty toys with every purchase of happy meal, Singaporeans are dying to get those until there are some fatal incidents at several mcDonald's outlet there..Moreover, there are also singaporeans who are willling to come to Malaysia just to obtain those hello kitty because the receptions are not that hot in malaysia

As for me, i have a new hobby that is collecting a football magazine entitled fourfourtwo. i dont know why, but the interest just come in a sudden and in an unpredictable way. amazingly, the first time i purchase the magazine is the time when i have insufficient money and plus, i am on my way back home., Anything can happen during the journey but my self concious just tell me to buy something to read. that is where i got this affection..Amazing, but also quite frightening huh??

As for me, the reason i keep buying it is because it is worth to be keep as collection due to is colourful page and quality paper..Also, it provides me with a knowledge of football from a different perspective. try reading it and for sure you will agree with me!! Moreover, i dont have any hobby since i stepped into a boarding school about 7 years ago. living in a hostel helps you mature faster and i happen to abandon my previous hobby such as collecting dragonball stickers and reading japanese comics because i found that it is not relevant anymore.

i think that's enough for this time..a lot of improvement in terms of length from the first time, right??
i know.. i know my writing sounds t0o formal or to0 static but time will help me improve..just like the first day at school or the first time riding a bicycle, u never managed to handle that right? s0, i believe time will teach me to get the best out of my writing..that's all for now..go0dnite y'all

Saturday, September 18, 2010


One day my girlfriend suddenly ask me;
what is your dream car?
without hesitating, i replied: ASTON MARTIN of course
I'm surprised that she didn't know a thing about that car manufacturer because she is a very advance admirer 0f beautiful stuff such as her favourite beetle and mini co0per.

THe reason that i admire aston martin so much is not that it has the most efficient and latest techn0logy, but in c0ntrast, it has the most astounding and mind bl0wing design that seems like it is designed by the m0st creative person on the planet or might be he really Is from another planet.
aston martin vanguish

In fact, if you prefer james bond or vin diesel m0vies, ast0n martin were the models that they always use due to its sporty looks yet very modern features and attributes installed. i always envy those guys. n0t 0nly they were blessed with beautiful and sexy partner, they were also accompanied with the perfect and mouthwatering ridings.
aston martin DBS-the car used in james bond movie
orange color v 8
So much so for my first post. better short and compact than long and miserable right?  
enjoy reading